Artificial intelligence (AI) technology impacts the human beings’ life significantly. Highly intelligent controls, flexible design and high reliability of electrical devices have been involved actively in smart manufacturing, autonomous car, big-data analysis, health care services and leading the revolution in life sciences segment. Y.S. Tech is a leading manufacturer of high quality and reliable cooling & ventilation products, to be your best partner of electronics cooling and ventilation solutions, we invest our research and development resources every year in various segments, including Bionic-Fluid-Dynamic, Aero-Dynamic, Psycho-Acoustics, Vibration Analysis, Thermal Dynamic, Hardware-Software Intelligent Motor Control and Intelligent Manufacturing and received more than 800 patents all over the world.

Aero Dynamic Simulation & Analysis

● Flow Field & Mechanical Design
● Biomechanics Research & Design
● Flow Measurement & Analysis

Thermal System Simulation & Analysis

● System based Thermal Simulation & Analysis
● System Thermal Analysis & Design
● Thermal Measurement & Analysis

Psycho-Acoustic Analysis

● Sound Pressure Analysis
● Water Fall Analysis
● Tone & Sone Analysis

Engineering Highlight – noise cancelling solution

● Helmholtz resonance noise control
● Wedge factor de-turbulence flow
● Asymmetric Impeller ( Stator, Rotor)
● Biomechanics factor to impeller

Engineering Highlight – Anti-vibration solution

● Axial vibration damper
● Radial vibration damper

Healthy & Comfort

● Air Purifying
● Deodorizing
● Anti-Bacteria

CADR Lab. (Clean Air Delivery Rate)
Intelligent Motor Control

● Magnetic & Electrical Simulation
● High Efficiency BLDC Motor Design
● MCU programing smart control
● LIN & CAN-BUS smart control